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Electric Motor Repairs and Generator Repairs in Hayden, Alabama

MSR Power Services, based in Hayden, Alabama, provides electric motor and generator repairs all over the world.

Unrivaled Experience
With more than 33 years of experience in the industry, we have performed repairs in 19 countries and 48 states. We select young technicians from around the world then place orders for them to go out as part of a team to work on medium to large-sized projects, both nationally and internationally.

Our meticulous screening process allows us to cater to our clients' needs while matching technicians with the right projects. Everything we do is personalized to provide clients with excellent service and quality work.

Stator and Rotor Services
Complete rebuilding services are available for stator and rotors, including re-stacking, lamination, complete rewinding, re-leading, and re-wedging. This includes servicing of electric motor centers, as well as rewinding for large AC and DC equipment to 13k.

Turbine Generators
For turbine generators, we offer bushing box repairs, re-wedging, coil replacement, locking repairs, rotating field repairs, rewinding, end-ring replacement,and cleaning.
Hydro Generators
Motor rewinding, pole pieces, complete rebuilds, lamination, re-leading, re-wedging, and electric motor center repairs are available for hydro generators.


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